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Hardwood Logs

Naturally Air-dried Firewood

Air-dried, or seasoning, refers to the process of making the wood fit to burn by reducing its natural moisture content after it has been newly cut, by allowing a good circulation of air to get to it.  This is different ot kiln-drying, whereby heat is applied speeding up the drying process, but this is expensive and requires substantial extra energy, which rather contradicts the reason why most of us wish to burn natural wood in the first place.

Our firewood is chopped into smaller lengths as soon after harvesting as possible as this helps it to dry it more efficiently.  Once split we store it undercover but with plenty of air circulation. This typically reduces the moisture content to below 25% producing cleaner burning firewood logs. 

Standeven Firewood at work

Standeven Firewood at work

Logs Cut Ready to Burn

We supply ready-cut loads of mixed hardwood logs. Our standard size of log is 8 inches (21cm) long and no bigger than about 8.5 inches (21.2cm) in diameter. This size fits most woodburning stoves and open fires.

We generally mix ash, beech, sycamore, oak, with a little birch, with usually no more than about 1/3rd oak.

*Latest INTERNAL moisture content reading is in the right hand column below (compared with preceeding week/months) from a sample of 10 fresh-split logs is:-


24Sep 12Nov 10Dec

99%      91%     88%(air hum)

22        26        32

22        27        23

22        26        25

23        24        22

18        23        26

18        25        26

20        22        22

19        21        23

24        27        18

24        29        22

21.4    25.0    23.9%  average



Our minimum size load delivery is 2 cubic metres (or one half of our 4 cubic metre capacity trailer), tipped loose.

Pricing as from 1.9.17:-

2 cubic metre load   -   £180*  (=£90/m3)*

4 cubic metre load   -  £350*  (=£87.50/m3)*

We accept cash or cheque, or payment online.  Terms and conditions apply (see bottom of page). All prices INCLUDE VAT @ 5%.

*How does this compare with "Dumpy"/builders bags?

Originally these were designed to hold 1 ton of sand and measured 1cubic yard. The modern standard "builder bag" or standard 4-loop FIBC (Bulk Bags) measures 90x90x90cm, which is 0.73 of a cubic metre. Sometimes they come with an extra 30cm top skirt (giving  0.97m3 in theory), but in fact the standard builder bag will never give you more than about 0.8m3 when filled with logs.

On this basis, our pricing equivalent would work out at about £66-£72 per standard bag. We do not (yet) supply our logs in bags, but wish to point out that they are often assumed to hold 1m3 of logs, when they do not.

4.0m3 - £350.00 Load (2 x 2m3 loads)
Standeven Firewood at work

2.00m3 - £180.00 Load´╗┐

Standeven Firewood at work

What will our 2 cu. m. load of loose logs look like when tightly stacked? This stack is 1 log deep, and measures 10ft long by about 5ft 6ins high, and fits neatly into any standard garage.

Standeven Firewood at work


We usually deliver within 48 hours of order or on the day you specify.  We are frequently praised for our exceptional customer service and if you find that you have run out of wood, we will do our very best to deliver on the same day.

We deliver using a 3-ton capacity tipper trailer 8ft long by 4ft 10ins wide.  Generally, as long as we can get a LandRover through your gate, we can drop the load near to where you need it!


We reserve the right to impose a surcharge of £10/load for deliveries at weekends when busy.  Sorry!

Delivery is free of charge within about 15 miles from a Thirsk-Coxwold axis (where our depots are).  This includes, for example Northallerton, Bedale, Masham, Ripon, Skipton-on-Swale, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Osmotherley, Malton, Easingwold, Helmsley, Haxby.  For deliveries outside this area an additional charge is applicable, depending on the location.  Example charges are as follows:

  • Leyburn £10
  • Richmond £10
  • Yarm £5
  • Stokesley £5
  • Great Ayton £5
  • Darlington £10
  • Scotch Corner £10
  • Wetherby £10
  • Malton nil
  • Pickering £5
  • Scarborough £22
  • Ripley £5
  • York £5
  • Stamford Bridge £5
  • Knaresborough £7
  • Harrogate £10
  • Pocklington £15
  • Market Weighton £18
  • Selby £17
  • Tadcaster £12
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* Terms and Conditions

  1. Cash or cheque on delivery (online payment can be arranged)
  2. Every effort is made to supply an excellent quality product. Timber is, however, a natural product and we cannot, therefore, guarantee the consistency of quality or density.
  3. Although we test the moisture content of our timber on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee the same moisture content throughout the load.