Delivering top quality seasoned hardwood all year round

Hardwood Logs

About Us

Based in North Yorkshire, Standeven Firewood is a local, family firm supplying top quality, dry, seasoned hardwood for open fires, wood and multi-fuel burning stoves and BBQs. 

Our stocks are constantly replenished, so we can offer rapid delivery of ready-to-burn firewood logs within the county and surrounding areas all year round.

Environmentally Sustainable Sources

We gather Ash, Beech, Oak and Sycamore from privately-owned estates in the north of England. All our suppliers comply fully with Forestry Commission regulations and Natural England guidelines, ensuring that any timber felled is replaced by re-planting and/or natural regeneration.

Why Hardwood?

We only supply hardwoods because they burn better and longer. The high levels of resin and sap in softwoods can block the flues of many woodburners and blacken the glass. If burnt on open fires, softwoods also tend to spit and can burn your carpets!

Standeven Firewood Collection

Delivered to Your Door

Ready-cut, mixed hardwood loads delivered to your door.  Free delivery within approx 15 miles of a Thirsk/Coxwold axis.  We try to keep our prices down, but locations that are further than this there may be a nominal charge based on extra mileage (press "see prices" button below, then under "Delivery", look at "typical delivery charges" panel, on page 2).

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